Thoughts on Presenting at Conferences

In my experience presenting and training, the most effective presentations seem to include a combination of


brief Powerpoint,

audience question/discussion,

story examples from clinical practice, and

illustrative video clips pulled from actual sessions.  (I generally subtitle my video clips for clearer sound and better audience access.)

Audiences also appreciate a variety of handouts.  Handouts help attendees to take the training home with them.  My most popular handout gives examples of alternative explanations for typical dysregulated and disruptive behaviors. Second most popular handout gives suggestions for counter-intuitive responses to dysregulated behaviors — these can be hard for caretakers to remember in the distress of the moment.

Our first New England DDP Conference was held near Burlington, Vermont, on November 18, 2011.  Deb Shell did the organizing, Dan Hughes gave the keynote, and four of us presented aspects of “Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy”, as developed by Dan Hughes, PhD.  The invited audience for this first annual conference consisted of professionals — of the 75 who registered 81 showed up, so it was standing-room only.

For the 2012 New England DDP Conference we hope to include parents/foster-parents and other caretakers of children with trauma and attachment issues.